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2001_07_17:17: Physical Things

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The single most important factor in reducing my symptoms, which are usually worst in my knees, is heavy lifting on the universal leg press. When my symptoms get really bad, I add a low cable pull, where I wrap the cable around my instep, use a small weight, and point my toe ballet-style as I lift. Pushups have made a huge, sudden difference in the condition of my shoulders. Drugs have never done any good so I don't take them.

Just realized today that I've been feeling really good for weeks. No shoulder pain at all. Knees are stiff sometimes after running. The last real attack of sleep-disturbing pain was February. There was some bad neck stiffness a few weeks ago that kept me out of the gym, but I think I did that to myself doing shoulder shrugs at 110 pounds after a long break; took the shrugs back down to 90. I increased my calcium/magnesium dosage by 1000/500 mgs this winter to try to help with allergies, and this may be why my joints are doing better. Now I'm taking about 2500mg per day.