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2001_09_19:21: American Flag

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wish list

To pay for the war on terrorism and the cleanup of New York City:

  1. stop the war on drugs
  2. legalize the sale and production of recreational drugs
  3. immediately draft gang members and warlords and ship them to the Persian Gulf before they can kill anyone else at home
  4. tell the 1 million [sorry; I meant to change this figure but as soon as I submitted my entry I lost contact with the server] welfare recipients in New York city's projects that they are invited to come out and help with the cleanup and reconstruction or lose their benefits
  5. lift restrictions on working age for children, subject to close supervision to prevent their parents from embezzling their income (e.g., pay them mostly in food, clothing, books, computers, school supplies, pyschological and medical care, and luxuries that only a child would want, with just a small amount of cash deposited into an account in the child's name, that is only accessible with the child's picture-id check card)
  6. send convicted child-abusers and molestors to Afghanistan without weapons and use them as point people to draw enemy fire; we have to put them somewhere, and that's as good a place as any
  7. drop food, medical supplies and weapons from aircraft, on the Afghanis. This would really piss the Taliban off. Watched a documentary tonight, in which edicts of the Taliban Religious Police (their term, not mine!) were read. Death is seriously too good for the Taliban