caro thinks

This is just a test entry. Nothing very interesting. I have a cold and it's all I can do to sit upright, so I think I'll stop that shortly and get back in bed with my editing tasks.
date 2001-02-25:18:18
music Radio reception has changed again, probably because Tom looked in the general direction of my receiver. Now I can only get Car Talk if I embrace the receiver lovingly with one arm. This makes it very difficult to eat lunch with Click and Clack and I'm quite put out.
now in bloom on my patio The camellias are making an absolutely ridiculous show above the primroses. I was beside myself when I found that these and the tea trees and the magnolia would all be in top form for Tom's visit--I don't think the garden has ever been quite so cooperative. Despite the rain, everything still looks fabulous, except that that dash of hail finally destroyed the one rose blossom that had hung on for 20 days. I like the way the brilliant colors stand out against the grayness of SpringWinter.
fallacies As long as I'm here testing the program and installing search engines, I may as well comment on the fallacy-freeness of the last 8 days. It was nice to be in the almost-constant presence of another human being and not have to experience a single fallacy! Well, except for the phone calls that interrupted us to send us fallacies from afar--but that just made the contrast all the stronger. Thanks, Tom.
wildlife Someone is chewing the bark off my citrus trees and I think I know who and boy are they gonna get it.
perl I'm really only writing in my journal today because I want to stick search engines in the sidebars. I'm too busy reading and publishing submissions to indulge in my own musings today.

Reason Number 12 To Live in La Jolla

It Only Rains in February

That's not quite accurate, but it's close. At the moment, La Jolla skies are urgently squeezing out every drop of moisture in an effort to make the oranges and lemons and avocadoes happy. Tom left just in time to miss the downpour, although he got some rain while he was here.

I have a new rule: NO ONE is allowed to visit in February anymore! Marc came last year in February to enjoy the rain too. Yes, I know February is the most brutal time in the rest of the world, and it seems like the perfect time to come to La Jolla. But it has to rain in heaven too, you know, and we do try to restrict precipitation to a three-week period during our Winter-Spring, but that's the best we can do.

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