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Fuchsia hybrid "Winston Churchill". He seems to have made it through the Reign of Fertilizer Terror, though you can see here that a few of his leaves are thoroughly burnt. But his pride seems to have suffered not at all. Pompous, puffy--look at the way he casually flips up the green tip of one sepal while sedately holding the others curled around flirtatious petticoats. Oh, the arrogance on the patio is palpable as he and his entourage cavort and banter in the sunshine.

date 2001-04-27:00:24
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  • fuchsias successfully rescued from fertilizer attack
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    By the year 2100, 80% of American males will have come to the realization that fresh vegetables are necessary for healthy functioning. Average life expectancy will have risen proportionately with the pounds of dark green leaves consumed: that of males due to the leaves, that of females due to decreased worry over partners' life expectancy. Burger King will be bankrupt due to colon-health-related law suits over this year's commercials featuring the nightmare of finding stalks of asparagus in place of french fries.
    Gail stopped by to show me the skeleton of a small animal she found in her garden and to have a look at the fuchsias. She saw the rose tree, and remarked that that's what she wants to do with hers. Then she sidetracked us into Wonderland:
    Gail: My poor rose is in the hospital.
    Caro: Oh, because of the...
    Gail: It has gout.
    Caro: Gout. Your rose is in the hospital. Due to gout.
    Gail: Yeah!
    Caro: Gail, I have to say that this is the most surreal exchange I've had today, and I've had some real winners.
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    Churchill lives!

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