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No Conspiracies Please, 2001/09/05:10:34

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You can really irritate the hell out of someone by refusing to go along with illegal schemes.

Some helpful people will insist on forcing tax evasion advice down your throat whether you are receptive or not, and even if you tell them that isn't something you're willing to do.

Other people get even more helpful, teaching you the ins and outs of kickbacks, explaining to your poor lame moralistic self that "that's how the system works."

Some of them want something out of it. Like, they tell you all about their embezzlement scheme, and then they want you to write the bill out to whatever facade they're using today so that they can embezzle more.

And objectivists wonder how business people get a bad name?

And then there are the people who simply know that I'm an ethical person, and worse, an analytical one, who won't just laugh when they tell me what they did to someone. They want my approval for what they did. After all, if you can get someone like me to approve, then what they did must not be so bad after all. There's a good justification, you see. Some of them try it over and over, and then are apparently surprised when I explain exactly what is wrong with what they did and how they should correct the problem. Apparently, they are expecting me to validate them. That's very weird. How do you walk up to an honest person and ask them to cover up your dishonesty? What's the meaning of that? Is it supposed to involve me in the conspiracy in a binding way, once I know about it?

I'm so bloody sick of this now I could scream.

I have a new policy. It's really my old policy, but I'm going to announce it really loudly now, to ward off, shall we say, the evil spirits. My new policy is, Please keep your dirty deeds to yourself, if you want my business or my friendship. I'm not interested in validating anyone's feelings about their wrongdoing. If you're a criminal, please don't come to me for philosophical consulting. Turn yourself in. That's all the advice I have for you. And if that means I never get another client, well, then so be it. A philosophical consultant's job is to show you the truth, not to hide your real face from others.

I like my mind nice and clean. I don't want to have to think about what I need to do to cover up for you.

You want to be a nonconformist? Forget the funky hair color. We can all see straight through that. The next time someone invites you to their conspiracy of lies, refuse to join. Just say no.
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