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Eat My Shit, 2001/09/11:18:11

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Enjoy, Bin Laden. You know you want it.
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~ In response to Tom... I too share his anger, and his retributive
~ urge. But I believe now is a time to reign in these passions and to
~ reaffirm the values that make America both beloved and despised.
~ I firmly oppose the impulse to an imperialist foreign policy. This
~ will breed exactly the kind of resentment that leads to terrorism.
~ Indeed, our meddling in others' affairs may be precisely what
provoked (though not warranted--nothing warrants)today's horror.

I really wish that this were so. It would make life much easier to believe that it is our meddling, rather than our very existence, that provokes already-violent people to target us in particular for violence. I don't believe that it is.

It's the kind of things that you, Will, and Tom, are allowed to write in this space. Our government can't stop you, and I refuse to. Your remarks are inflammatory, blasphemous, and sometimes pornographic, and I welcome you, because what you say is also intelligent and guided by your reason. This is why these people hate us so much; this is what makes us a target. They obviously don't give two shits on a stick whether their associates die. The associates themselves don't even care. That's why our aim can't be punishment, per se, but extermination of the voluntary members of groups whose aim is to control by means of destruction and murder.

In their view, the Imperialistic United States already exists. It violates the most important tenants of every religion. It spreads itself unstoppably via the technology that is made possible by Americans' daily shrugging off of any religious guilt of their own to engage in discovery and creation for 8 hours.

In order to stop meddling with religious fanatics, we would have to blow up our laboratories and offices and put on our purity veils. There's entirely too much truth, science, sex, too many images, free thinkers, free speakers, and people of a-religion-that-isn't-mine in this country. It'll have to go.

They don't want to be left alone. They don't want to be free of our imperialism. They want all traces of the freedoms that define this country, to go away. To make it go away, they can't just close their curtains and look the other way. The Evil and Blasphemy will still be in the world. They have to kill us and anybody even vaguely like us. That's what this is about.

My own mind is not on imperialism today, so much as assassination, and the hunt. Our peaceful, good, friendly country has always been averse to assassination. But that is because we Americans, who have seen so little war, and who are still in the primordial grip of religion ourselves, think that assassination is somehow worse than war. Wars just happen to kill people while you're blowing up stuff; assassination is the deliberate, pre-meditated, intricately planned murder of the few guilty individuals behind political terror. Assassination is murder, while war is just collateral damage.

Assassination is what we need. Murder the leader and the group crumbles, at least temporarily. We have the technology. We know how to find these people and quietly assassinate them. We need to stop shuffling around murmuring prayers and forgiveness and tolerance and murder them, and yes, just keep murdering them as they appear. As long as these individual persons exist, they grow stronger and bolder with the support of the followers and friends. They will continue to take out hundreds, now thousands, and soon hundreds of thousands, of innocent people and billions of dollars worth of value in one easy swat, controlling the entire world.
I feel helpless. There's no place for me to give blood today, and I don't know what else to do to help. I want to do something now, while I wait for the lines at the blood banks to go down.

How can I contribute?

My greatest weapon is my freedom of speech. Now I'm going to use it much more consciously, because I have a war to fight.

I believe that one of the fondest hopes of murderers is the silence of the victims. They would like the people of the United States shut up, at least just a little. They hate that we walk around saying whatever we want to say. They feel free to put out death warrants on people who say what they think, and when they can't find a specific free speaker, they just destroy what they hope is the only source of all that freedom.

The internet must be one of the most horrific pieces of blasphemy.

I had made the decision a few weeks ago to openly engage in the publication and distribution of erotica via Enlightenment. I already engage in the publication of all sorts of anti-religious, pro-rationality writings. This is precisely the sort of thing that pisses these filthy pigs off. That's why I'm even more glad to do it. Six million words, free of censureship.

At the moment I don't care who particularly is responsible for the mass murders. As far as I'm concerned, all members of terrorist organizations are the same person, whether they've already killed someone or not. I'll probably never meet, to name one example, Bin Laden. Since I can't tell him to his face and then shoot him, I offer him, and any other voluntary terrorist, my open, written, blasphemous disrespect. Please, substitute your own name for his.

Eat my shit, Bin Laden. If your mythical god existed, he would skin you alive and hang you in the sun to dry. What you long for most is to shove your tongue deep inside a scrumptious, sexy woman and not feel guilty about it. You put yourself to sleep at night sucking your own dick, and then you pray to your false god for forgiveness. If the United States didn't exist, I couldn't say this in public. But it does exist, and until you kill every last rational person who was born anywhere in the world, it will continue to exist. And if your fake god actually existed, She'd be cheering us on.

Your name is the definition of dirt and feces. Your followers despise you and wish you were dead. Your pathetic little strike against the most virtuous people in the world only makes you look more pathetic. Religious people all over the world feel sorry for you, because you are a disgrace to your own god. You will not be remembered. We will change your name. You will go down in history as The-Three-Toed-Sloth-Who-Sucks-His-Own-Tiny-Prick. School children will not have the slightest clue who you are. And as the good people of this country go about the business that made you a billionaire during your extremely short and forgotten life, they will comprehend your smallness and understand how pitiful you are. We will amuse ourselves dissecting your brain. We will figure out your deepest thoughts, you most wicked desires and lusts. We will find out all the blasphemes you have committed, the women you have licked, the men you have sucked, and the dogs you have attempted to fuck but who have rejected you. We will study you ad nauseum, the way we study everything in this country that thirsts for knowledge and amuses itself with puzzles. You will be scrutinized, understood, laughed at, and then forgotten. Then we will adopt all your children and raise them as rational beings without any memory of your hateful presence. Praise be to Allah.

I'd like to point out to you, while you are still breathing, that the evening news tonight showed a home video of your pathetic display of impotence. During the video, one of the bystanders screamed, "Holy fucking Christ!" The evening news didn't bleep it or edit it. They replayed it several times. This is as it should be. Christians do not yet understand this, but the few rational voices will eventually uplift them out of the darkness of religion. Only in America. Eat our shit.
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