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Selfless Sacrifice, 2001/09/22:21:39

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The term 'selfless sacrifice' has really got to go. The term always lurks beneath the surface of normal life, but since the bombing it has blossomed forth from every corner. Maybe we can eek a tiny amount of moral reform out of the catastrophe, or maybe just help one or two people think a little better.

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If we praise our fire fighters and police officers for "selfless sacrifices," and commend our military for the "sacrifices" they are about to make, then what language do we have left for the suicide bombers of September 11 2001?

Not even our military has ever asked its personnel to sacrifice their lives. We ask them to protect us. We train them to take risks with the greatest possible knowledge and safety. They take these risks because the American way of life is the life they themselves want to live. Our military, our police force, and our fire departments ask their personnel to do the job, and come back alive. Sometimes they don't make it back, but it's not because they didn't try. Suicide bombers are the people who don't try. Because of their selfless sacrifice, thousands died and millions are now suffering.

Selflessness and sacrifice is not our way of life. It is the enemy's way of death. Think about it. Please.

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