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My favorite sports movie, 2006/09/13:23:09

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I've been trying a couple of new venues to advertise Splendid Frisbee. I went to this site called "sportsvite", where you can advertise your game and search for victims and invite them to play. You have to make a personal profile. The profile is all about sports. Being a mere closet jock, and not at all interested in sports per se, the questions seemed surreal to me. They asked my favorite pro and college teams of course, no surprise there. They asked my favorite gym, and I actually had an answer to that! Then it got really weird. They asked about my favorite sports MUSIC, BOOK, MOVIE, VIDEO, and QUOTES! People have these? I attempted only two answers. I said that my favorite sports book was "Hang Tough, Paul Mather", which is a book I read when I was 11, about a boy who had leukemia and wasn't supposed to do anything physical but played on a little league team on the sly. It may be the only "sports book" I have ever read, unless you count something like "Star Wars". And for my favorite sports movie, I put "The Black Stallion", which is really more of an art film about the gorgeousness of horses, the majesty of nature, and the brilliance of Francis Ford Coppola, but does have a marginal them of horse racing--which, I guess, isn't so much a sport as it is theater, or gambling.
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