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flax sesame wheat germ Zone bread, 2010/07/30:15:37

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Deliciously nutty flax-sesame-wheatgerm bread.

Approximately in the Zone.

(NB: When consuming high wheat gluten foods expressly for protein content, always supplement l-lysine to complete the amino acid profile. Remember the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park! :)

The dough was mixed and allowed to rise in a bread machine. Then it was briefly hand-kneaded and left to rise another half hour on top of an oven in which was roasting a chicken at 350. It was baked in a floured (but not greased) single loaf pan at 350 for 35-40 minutes and allowed to cool in its pan on top of the cooling oven.

1.5 cup water
3 Tbl honey
1 tsp salt
1.5 tsp yeast (2 tsp if it's weak)
1 cup ground flax seed
1 cup ground hulled sesame seeds
1.25 cup wheat germ
1 cup vital wheat gluten

0.5 cup whole wheat flour (perhaps optional?)
3.5 Tbl butter (perhaps optional?)

It is possible that this loaf does not require any traditional flour or fat. So why are they on the list?

The "perhaps optional" ingredients were included in this first loaf, but may not be necessary. My original recipe for high protein bread included 3.5 Tbl butter, and I put that in the mix without thinking. But if I had thought about it I might have decided to skip it, since the seeds and germ supply the fat and tastiness that butter normally supplies. As the bread machine mixed my ingredients, I realized that a dough ball was never going to form and surmised that it was probably because the already-fatty ingredients didn't leave room for butter absorption. I fixed the problem by added small amounts of whole wheat flour until a ball formed, and the amount needed was 0.5 cup. Or maybe the flour is needed, but the butter isn't, or maybe the butter and some of the water could be left out instead of adding the flour. If you experiment, let me know what happened!

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