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a woman can dream, cant she, 2015/10/08:13:26

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the perfect house

sliding glass doors wherever physically possible

car garage--if any--is under the house, not up against its wall(s) or in its yard

windows on every exterior wall, preferably on more than one side of the rooms

windows that slant slightly downward so that birds never fly into them

built-in closets in every room, along the inner walls only (not along exterior walls where there could be windows)

storm windows and screens in every window and every outer door

all windows present a green view, some with flowers

no window faces another building

big, unfrosted windows in the bathroom (curtains are the user's choice, as always)

retractable/collapsible awnings

no awnings over north-facing windows, anywhere, ever

windows flush with the exterior wall wherever possible

doors that swing out into the passageways, not into the room where they waste space

far enough from the nearest neighbors that it is not possible to smell their air fresheners or hear their tile saws (where such nuisances are legal)

covers up flaws, holes, and cracks with building materials, not with carpeting

no false floors covering creepy secret passage-ways with access from outside the house

no creepy unfinished attics with skinny beams balancing between cravasses full of insulation fluff and accented with welcoming entrances for insects and mammals

no stucco, wood, cardboard, or other water-soluble or absorbant materials that touch or descend into the soil

no pressboard, period

built-in drawers, in which each drawer is completely sealed when shut

oil- or water-filled radiators, no forced air heating

central air filtering

smooth flooring (rugs are always the user's choice)

no cellphone-smashing, hip-shattering tile flooring

no grout, anywhere

countertops that do not have decorative speckles the size of ants and food crumbs

"immovable" obstructions such as counters, bars, islands, refrigerators and washing machines, that are actually on wheels with brakes and lifts

climate-appropriate architectural design (no sloping snow-roofs in the desert, no rain-pooling flat roofs in rainy climates, no dark winding porticos and overhangs and tunnels where the temperature never gets above 74F)

will still be standing, sound, and comfortable in 200 years
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