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Derbyshire on Fellatio, 2001/08/28:13:18

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I was dumbfounded today by John Derbyshire's claim
that "sexual intercourse itself is on its way out" among America's degenerate, emasculated youth. Good, clean, regular fucking is being displaced by... fellatio, which he compares to Ritalin.

Though slowly losing my boy band bloom, I remain of the younger generations and I maintain that traditional p/v sex remains exceedingly popular. I do not intend to denigrate oral sex, which is excellent, but it remains a garnish. I cannot fathom the source of Derbyshire's wisdom on this matter.

Most stunning is his assertion that nowadays "fellatio is an act of condescension by a woman towards a man." But this flies in the face of logic, for one loathes to be condescended to, but one does not loathe a blow job. Thus, blow jobs aren't acts of condescension. QED.

Now I suppose a woman might service a man in a spirit of condescension, just as one might fuck in a flight of hate or disgust. But these are neurotic marginal cases, for sure, and not sound bases for nutjob generalizations about entire generations.

The article as a whole concerns the way mankind (gender exclusive) is facing obsolescence because women go to college, and men aren't so big on killing each other in wars anymore, and you can't have strippers at office parties these days, and of course young people are really into blow jobs.

I must say that have a mild attraction to iconclastic curmudgeonism. But underneath the veneer of Derbyshire's graceful prose is unmitigated idiocy.
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