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FAQ, 2001/09/14:15:24

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Q: Who is mindgrope?

A: Will Wilkinson

Q: Why did you pick a stupid name like 'mindgrope?'

A: Because I didn't understand that my username would show up everywhere (I thought it was just for logging in)or that Tom was 'Tom' and Carolyn was 'Caro', and 'mindgrope' was the first thing I thought of.

Q: How can I find out more about Will Wilkinson?

A: His web page: http://willwilkinson.net

Q: Is he nice?

A: He is kind to animals.

Q: What kind of animals?

A: Kittens, moose, etc.

Q: Is he handsome?

A: If by 'handsome' you mean 'obnoxious', then yes, Will is very handsome.

Q: What is Will's favorite hobby?

A: Preference falsification.
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