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Welcome to War, 2001/09/17:13:32

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It is with great regret that I introduce a "War" subject heading. It looks like we're in for one, and the nation is flush with dangerous emotion and shabby thinking, so, sadly, there will be much to say.
I encourage people to read Robert Wright's
Slate essay
, where he makes a rather obvious observation that no one else is making. Because Americans are insisting on the "war" metaphor, whose narrative structure is informed by our history, we are missing the fact that American casualties in the coming conflict will not only be military casualties abroad. We can expect large losses in our cities and backyards. The WTC/Pentagon attack is not merely a provocation for a land/air war SOMEWHERE ELSE, though it is also that. When we take the bait, and we will, we can expect more buildings blowing up, sarin in the subway, poisoned water, etc., that will kill American women, children, elderly, cats--you name it--in their homes, schools, offices... The war will not be "over there" like it always has been. It will be in the explosive van parked in front of your office, the Cessna flying into the football stands. When we think of whether we really want a war, we've got to think of that.
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